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a revolution in droplet application - nimbus gives unparalleled control over charged sprays and discharged mists

Nimbus ElectroHydroDynamic spraying (EHD):

Nimbus utilises a phenomenon that occurs when a high voltage is applied to liquid emerging from a nozzle. Electrical pressure causes fluid to break up into equally sized charged droplets whose size can be carefully controlled (down to a few microns.)

The droplets are mutually repelled by their charge but attracted to earthed objects.

Nimbus R&D is a London-based start-up developing proprietary electrodynamic (EHD) technology.

Researchers at Nimbus R&D are using the latest developments in high-voltage generators and semi-conducting fluids to develop systems for smallholder agriculture, vector-control and industrial processing.

Using modern versions of the Electrodyn agri-sprayer – first developed by ICI/Zeneca – Nimbus aims to transform smallholder agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, and provide vital new tools for vector-control against malaria and leishmaniaisis.